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Shear Bliss intern program

Shear Bliss
Hair Salon

The owner Lesleigh Dunlap takes pride in teaching a young cosmetologist to be the best they can be. Giving behind the chair experiences. Building confidence and technical skills. Showing how a true teamwork atmosphere should look. She freely shares her 18 years of experience in the business. When asked why this is so important to Lesleigh she quickly responded with, it is important to imprint on these young cosmetologist before sending them into a very cutthroat, caddy, and highly competitive Business. Teaching them that consistency is the true key to success. Letting them make mistakes in a controlled environment is the only way they are going to learn to be confident. There’s so much more to this industry then just cutting hair. We hold valuable secrets for our clients. We build lifetime friendships. We hear about every break ups, engagements, babies, and so much more. Also teaching how much it hurts when losing a client. We touch more hearts than hair! Other salons have dollar signs on their clients. She believes you can make plenty of money giving a great service and a fair prices. Allowing the prices to be affordable so the clientele can afford to come back every six weeks. Which creates a very busy environment. Allowing hairstylist to build very quickly.

Lesleigh brings education into the salon every three months. Education is power!! Color is constantly changing it’s important to be on the cutting edge. Shear Bliss is a Redken salon. We are not part of the summit program. Which I think this allows us to make our own rules and grow at our own pace.

Lesleigh gets so excited when a new intern comes into the salon. It rejuvenates her passion for this industry. The intern program is custom made to accommodate busy schedules.

Learning how to adapt and be flexible is one of the biggest lessons She has learned since the pandemic. Our industry is always changing. No one particularly likes change, but the world seems to be getting better at it.

Lesleigh has had her share of hard times. After Surviving covid in 2020 she was soon diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Lesleigh completed chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and more chemotherapy. Lesleigh even managed to work through most of her treatments. She is on the road to a full recovery. To say she is a tough cookie is an understatement. She says hard times help build character.

The salon is very established. Shear Bliss hair salon has been open since 2011 and is one of the top salons in this area. Lesleigh takes great pride in being a trendsetter, and she has prepared many of her past employees giving them the confidence and encouragement to open their own salon. Her favorite quote is “follow your dreams, or they will haunt you”.

If you are a young cosmetology student looking for your next step look no further. Reach out to Lesleigh by calling the salon 254-939-7856 or emailing the salon we look forward to meeting you!